Massage, one of the oldest & most trusted forms of therapy 


Relaxation Massage 

Techniques & Benefits 


Massage naturally increases circulation and oxygen in the blood while switching on your parasympathetic nervous system enabling your body to heal and repair. Honouring the wisdom of your body’s innate healing mechanisms I practice reiki and have attained a level 3 certification. Reiki is a Japanese healing technique that works on all levels, physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. Rei - means life force and Ki - means energy. It promotes a feeling of deep relaxation and accelerates the body's natural healing process. 

The pressure is how you like it and if needed we will do some deep tissue work and release any built-up tension and muscular knots. Massage is therapeutically used to treat stress, depression, anxiety, grief, overcoming illness, insomnia, or for those in need of some time out and tender loving care. Therapeutic touch has numerous benefits and there are no limits to who can benefit from massage therapy. 





Fertility massage can be used alongside and to enhance any fertility treatments you are undergoing. As well as the therapeutic benefits massage brings, this de-stressing and relaxing massage incorporates acupressure techniques and abdominal massage which increases blood flow to the reproductive organs. Read more here ..


Pregnancy is a time of emotional and physical changes. A massage during the second and third trimesters is highly recommended to support the mother-to-be. Easing muscular aches, fatigue, swollen ankles and difficulty sleeping. Massage is modified to meet the needs of pregnancy with support cushions and pregnancy-safe oils. 

Post-natal massage relieves body aches left over from birth, reduces any swelling and muscular discomfort, promotes rest and supports the new mother during this transition period. I use a combination of arnica, St Johns wort, lavender, & almond oil which reduces muscular discomfort, helps tissue stay soft and supple and promotes rest and a sense of calm. Massage naturally releases feel-good hormones and reduces cortisol supporting the new mother during this transition period.  Post-Natal Massage can be performed in your own home for comfort and time is given for breaks should you need to feed or comfort your baby. 



If you are in the devasting situation of having a pregnancy end or a baby you did not get to bring home from the hospital. I am so very sorry. 

You will still be going through all of the hormonal and physical shifts that happen postpartum and on top of that, your body will be experiencing the physical and emotional aspects of grief. 

Grief can make your body feel as though it has been hit by a truck while your heart is physically breaking. Grief can trigger extreme discomfort in the body with inflammation, overall muscular aches, and headaches being common. 

Massage is not going to take away your grief but it can help to move and soften some emotions. Give you a place to really rest your body and be taken care of for a time. This massage is gentle and incorporated aromatherapy and reiki to bring the most nourishment for you at this time.  

Loss mamas hold a very special place in my heart and I would like to offer a discount to all women who have birthed and lost their babies. Please get in touch with me if you have any questions regarding this. 

Fertility, Pregnancy & Post-natal 

Pregnancy & Baby Loss


“Finding Amelia is like finding gold. Her style is beautifully sensitive, poetic yet strong and assured. Combine that with compassionate energy, huge experience, divine music and fragrant healing oils, well, it’s a recipe for bliss. I can’t wait for my next massage!”

Angela, Auckland