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Massage Therapy

Massage is one of the oldest and most trusted forms of therapy, it is therapeutically used for stress, depression, anxiety, grief, overcoming illness, insomnia, or for those in need of some time out and tender loving care. Therapeutic touch has numerous benefits and there are no limits to who can benefit from massage therapy. 

Using a combination of the modalities I have learned over the years I tailor each treatment to suit you and your needs.

Relaxation Massage

Also know as Swedish massage the main purpose is to reduce stress through relaxation. The benefits of relaxation massage include an increase of oxygen in the blood, increased circulation, decreased body toxins, improved flexibility, reduced tensions, decrease stress hormone levels and boost immunity. Relaxation massage can be customised to meet your needs.


Reflexology elicits a response from the nervous system by stimulating or sedating reflex points on the feet. Every part of your body is connected via nerve pathways which correlate to organs and ends in the hands or feet.

Pregnancy massage

Pregnancy is a time of emotional and physical changes. A massage during the second and third trimester is highly recommended to support the mother to be. Easing muscular aches, fatigue, swollen ankles and difficulty sleeping. Massage is modified to meet the needs of pregnancy.


Reiki is a Japanese healing technique that works on all levels, physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. Rei - means life force and Ki - means energy. It promotes a feeling of deep relaxation and accelerates the body's natural healing process


Organic essential oils are used in a massage treatment to positively influence your well-being. The scent of the oil stimulates the olfactory system which in turn relays to the part of the brain that controls emotions. By using different scents we can evoke different emotional states.

Hot Stone Massage

Volcanic hot stones are placed on various parts of the body, and are warming and deeply relaxing. The hot stones are glided along the muscles allowing the heat to penetrate into the deeper lying muscles. Great for relieving soft tissue injury's, encouraging circulation and easing stiffness.

Fertility Massage

Fertility massage can be used alongside and to enhance any fertility treatments you are undergoing. As well as the therapeutic benefits massage brings, this de-stressing and relaxing massage incorporates acupressure techniques and abdominal massage which increases blood flow to the reproductive organs. More about fertility massage 



“Finding Amelia is like finding gold. Her style is beautifully sensitive, poetic yet strong and assured. Combine that with compassionate energy, huge experience, divine music and fragrant healing oils, well, it’s a recipe for bliss. I can’t wait for my next massage!” 

—  Angela Abercrombie