Fertility Smoothie

Updated: Aug 28

Healthy eating habits are well known to have a positive effect on fertility outcomes, as a wholefood diet with fresh, seasonal, organic (where possible) produce will ensure a wide variety of nutrients that are required for healthy sperm and eggs.

Throwing all the goodness into your smoothie for the day will provide a synergistic blend of the appropriate vitamins and minerals needed for healthy conception.


Think leafy spinach, kale, chard etc. Greens provide a multitude of nutrients, vitamins, minerals and a natural source of folate.

Rotate the leafy greens you are using to ensure a range of nutrients are digested.


Berries are little powerhouses of nutrition. Full of antioxidants which keep inflammation and free radicals at bay.

Tip: Use frozen spinach cubes and frozen berries for easy availability.


Seeds are great sources of essential fatty acids, minerals, protein and fiber.

Flax seed AKA linseed - balancing hormones and fibre.

Chia seed- high in omega 3's, fiber,

Pumpkin - high in zinc.

Sesame - high in calcium.

Sunflower - iodine and vitamin E

Tip: Soak you chia and flaxseeds overnight. Add 1 Tbsp of each to a jar with 1 cup water. Shake a coupe of times over 10 minutes, then leave overnight to soak. Use 1 Tbsp of this mixture for each smoothie that you make.


Here add in protein powder. Protein is required by every cell of the body and specific amino acids are used to enhance male and female fertility. Make sure the protein you are sourcing is clean and without additives.


Adding a Tbsp of coconut oil, 1/4 avocado or a Tbsp of seeds provides healthy fats needed to make hormones, improve quality of the sperm and egg, and provide energy.

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